Stockerpoint Men's Lederhosen "Justin4" Black with H-Straps (50)


Stockerpoint Men's Lederhosen "Justin4" Black with H-Straps (50) - 44/US29 is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.


Brand: Stockerpoint Classics
Material: 100% genuine leather
Supplied with carrier
Color: black
Size: 44-64
Length: 69 cm in EU size 48
Fit: turns out normal


Bavarian lederhosen Justin by Stockerpoint Classics. The knickerbockers made of high-quality tanned goat leather in a deer look are characterized by the unusual structure and harmonize perfectly with the classic horn buttons. It is the best-selling knee breeches. The traditional embroidery is discreetly in the foreground and gives the model its typical character. The lacing on the waistband and leg ends allows them to be individually adjusted and adapted to the body. The trousers come with a matching H-strap. It is an all-rounder and can be perfectly combined with many traditional costume outfits.
The size 50 that needs repair, the suspender button on back side broke in half. You will have to fix to use suspenders. Comes with spare button and leather strap.