Men's Lederhosen "Finstawoid" with Belt (natural,green,smoke)

Color - tobacco/natural

Men's Lederhosen "Finstawoid" with Belt (natural,green,smoke) - 46/US30 / tobacco/natural is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Please allow 7-14 working days for delivery.
Brand: mountain rockers
Material: 100% genuine leather
Color: tobacco vintage nature
Size: 46-60
Length: 48 cm in EU size 50
Fit: turns out normal


Leather trousers Finstawoid by Mountain Rocker. The short leather pants made of high-quality tanned goat leather in a deer look are characterized by the unusual antique look and are one of our favorite pieces. The stylish embroidery with the trendy "crow motif and classic tendrils" is striking and attracts a lot of attention. The inner waistband is decorated with the "Finstawoid" embroidery, which characterizes the trend label. The unusual structure of the leather with antique color gradients gives the model a unique touch and makes it something very special. The leather trousers come with a matching, high-quality leather belt and the unmistakable "Mountain Rocker" buckle.