Additional products not listed on the website

Stockerpoint Brands 1. Bodice Flavia Blue (36,38,42) 2. Dirndl Carole (34,38,40,44) 3. Dirndl Londa (34) 4. Dirndl Soraya (34,46) 5. Dirndl Akira (32,42) 6. Dirndl Blouse white B-1045 (34,38,40)  7. Dirndl Avina toupe (36)  

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Dirndl & Lederhosen Update

Hallo, For the 2021 Oktoberfest Season, everything that we were able to get from Stockerpoint has arrived. I am working on getting most products listed on the website, if you choose to visit the store in Huntington Beach Old World Village, we will have a wider arrange of products. Danke Chad from

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