Men's Lederhosen "Leonardo" with Belt Dark Brown w/green

Color - Dark Brown-Green

Men's Lederhosen "Leonardo" with Belt Dark Brown w/green - 46/US30/32 / Dark Brown-Green ist auf Lager und wird versandt, sobald es wieder verfügbar ist

Please allow up to 14-21 days to deliver. 
Brand: Stockerpoint Classics
Material: organic leather
Accessories :
with a belt
Color: dark brown, green embroidery
Size: 46-60
Fit:turns out normal
Traditional lederhosen Leonardo from Stockerpoint Classics. The short Plattler trousers made of vegetable-tanned organic leather represent a connection to one's homeland. We source our organic leather from selected tanneries that value honest craftsmanship. The leaf embroidery is made according to old models and is implemented true to the original with a lot of handwork. These traditional leather trousers are embroidered with deer motifs and oak leaves and characterize the unmistakable style. The width of the trouser legs is laced with ties and can be individually adjusted and regulated. A purchase for life. The traditional trousers come with a belt and a clasp with a Bavarian coat of arms design.